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Watch List - 2017

ECRI may or may not have an official stance on these bills. People interested in tracking legislation during the session are encouraged to sign up for an account in the General Assembly's Bill Tracker system.
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Bill Title House Bill # & Sponsor Senate Bill & Sponsor House Committee Senate Committee House Bill Status Senate Bill Status ECRI Position
Carbon Pricing Study - EC4 and Resilient RI Act

This act would direct the climate change coordinating council to study a carbon pricing program, to incentivize institutions and industry to reduce carbon emissions and would make several other additions to the council's responsibilities.

William J. Conley
2017-2018 Senate Committee on Environment and Agriculture In Committee Legislative Priority
Flame Retardants in Furniture and Children's Products

Prohibits the use of an entire family of chemicals called phthalates, which are know endocrine disruptors and can cause other health issues, from being used in flame retardants that are applied to furniture and children's products.

Adam J. Satchell
2017-2018 Senate Committee on Judiciary In Committee Legislative Agenda
Renewable Energy Growth Program Extension

The Distributed Generation Contract program was a successful pilot that was extended into the Renewable Energy Growth program in 2014 (RIGL 39-26.6). This bill extends the REG for an additional 10 years after the 5th program year, with an annual target of 40 nameplate MW for each of the 10-year periods. This will help diversify Rhode Island’s energy mix and improve system reliability.

Deborah Ruggiero
William J. Conley
2017-2018 House Committee on Environment and Natural Resources 2017-2018 Senate Committee on Environment and Agriculture In Committee In Committee Legislative Priority