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House Committee on Corporations Hearing 2015-01-29

was postponed from 1/27 due to blizzard.
Attached are the following from Jerry Elmer of Conservation Law Foundation:

  1. Q & A Sheet -- Provides simple background on what this bill does and why it needs to be extended now; this piece (and the next one) is a joint effort by:  New England Clean Energy Council, Conservation Law Foundation, People’s Power and Light, and RENEW.RES
  2. Program Detail -- Provides a more detailed explanation of how the existing statute actually works to get real renewable energy projects up and running.
  3. CLF Testimony -- This is the prepared testimony that CLF will present at the hearing.

The RES bill 5079 testimony begins at about 25:30 and ends around minute 62.

Hearing Date: 
Thursday, January 29, 2015 - 4:30pm
House Bills Heard: 
Hearing Room: 
Room 203