Environment Council of Rhode Island

...building an ecologically healthy future in a sustainable economy

2017 Bills, Lead Sponsors & Status

Bill Description House Bill # Senate Bill # Rep Lead Sponsor Senate Lead Sponsor Current House Bill Status Current Senate Bill Status ECRI Pro/Con
Carbon Pricing Study - EC4 and Resilient RI Act
Decoupling Bill 6188 Robert B. Jacquard Deferred Oppose
Gas Pipeline Bill 6184 Raymond H. Johnston Jr. Deferred Support
Water Authority Bill 6122 0810 Scott Slater Maryellen Goodwin Deferred In Committee Oppose
Removes Beach User Fees 5076 0475 Robert B. Lancia Erin P. Lynch Prata Deferred In Committee Oppose
Green Building Act 5427 0952 Christopher R. Blazejewski Louis P. DiPalma Deferred Deferred Support
Eliminate Liability Protection for Outdoor Recreation 0386 Michael J. McCaffrey Deferred Oppose
Climate Change Coastal Adaptation Trust Fund 5808 0442 Deborah Ruggiero Erin P. Lynch Prata Deferred Passed Senate - Sent to House Support
Stop Invenergy Plant 5897 0756 Cale P. Keable Paul W. Fogarty Deferred Deferred Support
Protected Lands 5116 Cale P. Keable Passed House - Sent to Senate In Committee Support
Limit Energy Efficiency Savings 5640 0632 Arthur J. Corvese Marc A. Cote Deferred Deferred Oppose
Enable Municipal Aggregation 5536 0877 Deborah Ruggiero Erin P. Lynch Prata Passed House - Sent to Senate Deferred Support
Fragrance Disclosure Act 5905 Carlos E. Tobon Deferred Support
Product Stewardship Bottle Recycling Act 5801 Jean-Philippe Barros Deferred Support
Energy Facility Siting Act 5872 Daniel P. McKiernan In Committee
Energize Rhode Island: Clean Energy Investment and Carbon Pricing Act of 2017 5369 0365 J. Aaron Regunberg Jeanine Calkin Deferred In Committee Support
Renewable Energy Growth Program Extension 5274 0112 Deborah Ruggiero William J. Conley Transmitted to Governor Signed Support
Flame Retardants in Furniture and Children's Products 5082 0166 Michael A. Morin Adam J. Satchell Deferred Senate Vote Support
Carbon Pricing Study - EC4 and Resilient RI Act 6305 0108 Marcia Ranglin-Vassell William J. Conley In Committee Passed Senate - Sent to House Support