Environment Council of Rhode Island

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2013 Bills, Lead Sponsors & Status

Bill Description House Bill # Senate Bill # Rep Lead Sponsor Senate Lead Sponsor Current House Bill Statussort descending Current Senate Bill Status
Separation of Powers: Coastal Resources Mgt Council 5378 0122
Creation of a Permanent Joint Legislative Committee over CRMC and DEM 5356 0120
State Planning Council Amendment 5549
Changing the Composition of the CRMC 5733
Children's Jewelry Safety 5423 0497
The Return Or Exchange Of Drugs Act 5230
Genetically Modified Organisms To Be Labeled 5278
Genetically Modified Organisms To Be Labeled 5849
Mgt And Disposal Of Regulated Medical Waste 5048
Producer Responsibility For Recycling, Reuse and Disposal of Mattresses 5799 0261 Arthur Handy Dominick J. Ruggerio
Plastic Bag Ban 5403 0404
Use Of Glass As A Material To Cover Solid Waste At A Landfill 0726
Use Of Contaminated Soils To Cover Material at RI Resource Recovery Corp. 0727
Cesspool Removal & Replacement 5732 Teresa Ann Tanzi
Liability Limitations Relating to Public Use of Private Lands 5826
Hydroelectric Projects Allowed in Standard Contract Enforcement Program 5803 0641
Wood Stove Phase-out 5244 Arthur Handy Deferred
Public Transit Investment 5073 Jeremiah T. O'Grady Deferred
Creation of a Single Set of Environmental Standards for the State 5192 0640 Michael W. Chippendale Erin P. Lynch Prata Deferred
Distributed Generation - Hydro Quebec 6018 Arthur Handy House Vote
Access To Public Transportation 5225 In Committee
Reducing The Gas Tax By Five Cents 5413 In Committee
Dam Inspection Protocol 5535 0315 Frank Ferri Michael J. McCaffrey In Committee
RI Energy Independence and Climate Solutions Act 5801 Arthur Handy In Committee
Inclusion of Incineration of Solid Waste in Statewide Resource Recovery System Development Plan 0728 V. Susan Sosnowski In Committee
Marine Debris Act 5264 0406 Donna M. Walsh Catherine Cool Rumsey In Committee
Restricting Emergency Rule-Making by DEM & Other Admin Agencies 5564 Stephen R. Ucci In Committee
RI Resource Recovery Corporation & Incineration 0603 V. Susan Sosnowski In Committee
Mandating $600,000 Toward Lead Prevention 5810 Arthur Handy In Committee
Road & Bridge Revolving Fund Administered by RI Clean Water Finance Agency 6059 Gordon D. Fox In Committee
Restricting the Use of Eminent Domain over Conservation Land 5386 Donna M. Walsh In Committee
Statewide Solid Waste Mgt Plan & Use of Out of State Non-Hazardous Contaminated Soils Within RI 0603 V. Susan Sosnowski In Committee
Community Preservation Act 5633 0696 Deborah Ruggiero Louis P. DiPalma In Committee
Energy Reform Act 0901 V. Susan Sosnowski In Committee
Inclusion of Incineration of Solid Waste in Statewide Resource Recovery System Development Plan 0728 V. Susan Sosnowski In Committee
Renewable Energy Tax Credit 5116 0127 Deborah Ruggiero Joshua Miller In Committee
Establishing Executive Office of Commerce 6063 Helio Melo Signed
Implementation Of The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Act 5812 0642 Arthur Handy V. Susan Sosnowski Signed
Water Suppliers And Installation Of Radio Frequency Reading Systems 5534 John M. Carnevale Signed
Municipal Streetlight Investment Act 5935 0836 Deborah Ruggiero James C. Sheehan Signed
Industrial Property Remediation & Reuse Act 5617 0520 John G. Edwards Juan M. Pichardo Signed
DEM Jurisdiction 5425 0672 Patricia A. Serpa Erin P. Lynch Prata Signed
PACE Legislation 6019 0900 Arthur Handy William J. Conley Signed
Creation of RI Climate Change Commission/Advisory Committee 0671 Joshua Miller Signed
Including Steep Slopes as Buildable 5703 0544 Raymond E. Gallison Jr. Michael J. McCaffrey Signed